DVD Shrink 2015 – Special on Re-Author and New Features

many of you know 2015 is a software DVD Shrink evolving. Our team of experts continually modifies the source code to make DVD Shrhink 2015 compatible with the new CD, DVD and Blu-Ray of the latest generation.
DVD Shrink 2015 is compatible with all versions of Windows, including Windows 10.
A very convenient feature that perhaps not everyone knows about is the King-Author. Re-author it allows you to compress any work CD, DVD and Blu-Ray selecting what content to keep and which not.
For example you can save space in the output file elimimando audio tracks, video, subtitles or extra features that do not interest us, and taking only if things then really we need.
In addition to the King-Author you can see the quality of the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray even before starting operations to reduce or copy thereof. This way you can find the right balance between quality output and space, allowing also to include two or more CD, DVD and Blu-Ray in a single output file.
Do not forget though that DVD Shrink also the Blu-ray converter that allows you to copy any work Blu-Ray and the burn engine to compress and copy any CD, DVD and Blu-Ray in a click.
For any further information on dvdshrink 2015, please contact our Support Center: asknow@online-support-now.com