Free download DVD Shrink 2016 Compatible with Windows 10 and 64-Bit

It was recently released the latest version of DVD Shrink, Version 4.3.
This version contains a new DVD Shink engine that compresses more with a higher quality in a shorter time. Result: Can you compress any DVD / CD with the new version of DVD Shrink 2016 in less time and with a smallest output file. You will save time and space on your hard disk or on your new CD or DVD.
Not only that, today provided a new Burn engine integrated into the software you will copy all new DVDs and CDs in a few minutes. With a new user friendly interface you will be able to simply use all the functions of DVD Shrink 2016.
Another new feature will allow you to a writing pad an image of a disk with .ISO output to unclick. Create audio discs, video or data simply by clicking on the interface of DVD Shrink 2016.
DVD Shrink 2016 version 4.3 is compatible with all versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8 and finally are with the latest version of DVD Shrink 2016.
You can download and try for free the latest version of DVD Shrink clicking here thanks to the free trial.
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