Latest powerful version 2017, DVD Shrink 4.3 back up any CD, DVD and Blue-Ray. The latest version is easier to use and more powerful. Try it for free!

DVD Shrink 4.3, version 2017 is completely compatible with most recent DVDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays, so you do not even lose a CD or DVD.
With a new algorithm it allows faster reading of any DVD, CD or Blu-Ray.
The integrated Burner in the new interface is much more user friendly and easy to use. Convert just a few clicks to any last-generation CD or DVD or Blu-Ray!
Another innovative feature is the integrated Blu-Ray converter in the interface that will allow you to easily convert any latest generation Blu-Ray.
Easy and fast to use lets you choose the quality of the out put file according to the size you want the output file.
DVD Shrink the only original on the market this year 10 years!
Download DVD Shrink 2017 and you’ll see how easy it is to use and fast.
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